Education at Zoodoo

Are you looking for a field trip experience for your students?

Just 30 minutes from Hobart, Zoodoo Zoo is known for its unique hands-on approach to educational experiences. Zoodoo is working collaboratively with education experts to expand and improve its school programs so that teachers and parents can be sure that their children are receiving the best learning opportunities possible.

Our education program is designed to encourage young people to reflect on the significance of biodiversity, animal welfare, conservation, and sustainability and how these understandings contribute to protecting the world we share with animals. It aligns with our wider mission to partner with the community to inspire ethical and sustainable solutions that can make a real difference.

We currently offer one off excursions – perfect for a fun day out with the option to add a hands-on and educational guided tour – or curriculum-aligned learning programs to increase the educational value of your school excursions.


What this includes:
Explore the zoo at your leisure with this self-guided day at Zoodoo and choose to enjoy interactive keeper talks that run throughout the day. Option to add an educational guided tour to make this an unforgettable day!

What it will cost:
- $12.50 per student for day entry
- 1 teacher enters for free per every 10 paying students
- Additional adults $25pp

Optional Extras:
- 1 hour educational guided tour with a guest ranger, includes hand feeding of Kangaroos and Wallabies - $150
- BBQ and hut hire - $20
- Animal Feed tokens (1 cup of animal food) $3.00 per person.

What next?
For further questions or inquiries, please email

To book, call our team on 626 02444.


What this includes:
Our learning packages are all curriculum-aligned and have a strong science, mathematics, ethical understanding (general capability), and design technologies foci. Each package includes admission, educator-led tours and activities, animal feeding, learning resources, lesson plans (pre- and post-visit lessons), and teaching notes. Learning package overviews are accessible below.

What you will experience:
- Start your lesson in the classroom – with preparatory lesson outlines provided.
- Enjoy a 3 and a half hour guided learning experience at the zoo with our passionate Zoodoo educator – with worksheets and active learning tasks
- Cement your learning back in the classroom – with post visit lessons and activities provided to achieve curriculum outcomes

Our Current Packages:
- Years 1-2: AMAZING ANIMAL CARERS (Animal Welfare Theme) - Teaching Resources
- Years 3-4: CREATURE FEATURES (Biodiversity Theme) - Teaching Resources
- Years 3-6: GRAND DESIGNS (Animal Welfare Theme) - Teaching Resources
- Years 7-10: EXCEPTIONAL ENRICHMENT (Animal Welfare Theme) Teaching Resources

What it will cost:
- $400 for up to 30 students per package
- Additional students $14.50pp
- 1 teacher enters Zoo for free per 10 students
- Additional adults Zoo entry $25pp

What next?
For further questions or inquiries, please email

To book, call our team on 626 02444.

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