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Animal Encounters Bookings

Would you love to meet your favorite furry, stripy, scaly or spotty friends up close? Well you can! You can book encounters now for anytime during opening hours.

Bookings are strongly recommended, as there are limited numbers of personal encounters each day with our unique animals booking out quickly! Gift vouchers can also be redeemed for encounters and make a great present.

Select and secure your animal encounter experiences and sign waivers during the checkout process for a seamless and swift check-in.

Meet the Meerkats

The meerkat encounter is an amazing one-on-one experience which allows you to get up close and personal with these gorgeous animals. The Meet the Meerkats experience involves entering their habitat and feeding the meerkats their favourite treats, one-on-one time with a passionate Zoo Keeper to answer all your meerkat related questions, as well as a fantastic opportunity to get some amazingly close photos of the meerkats from inside their habitat. Meerkat Encounter $105 per session. Maximum 2 people. Minimum age 5 years.

Mingle with the Marmosets

Would you like to spend some time with some of the most playful and inquisitive residents of Zoodoo? This experience gives you the opportunity to meet a family of marmoset monkeys and offer them their favourite treats. You will go into the Marmoset habitat to get even closer and learn about their behaviour and unique characters from an expert keeper. Marmoset Encounter $105 per session. Maximum 2 people. Minimum age 5 years.

Sidle up to a Serval

With the longest legs in proportion to their body size for any cat species, sidling up to a serval is an amazing experience. You will enter the two male Servals habitat, Levi and Keno where they can come to investigate you and even rub up against your leg. Your keeper for the encounter can tell you all about how we care for these leggy cats. Serval Encounter $105 per session. Maximum 2 people. Minimum age 10 years.

Captivated by Cotton-Top Tamarins

Meet one of the world’s most critically endangered primates up close! Cotton-Top Tamarins are small monkeys found in Colombia. A portion of the proceeds from each Cotton-Top Tamarin encounter at Zoodoo is donated to Proyecto Titi (Project Tamarin), a Colombian-based not-for-profit working to protect this species. Feeding encounter. $105 per session. Maximum 2 people. Minimum age 5 years.

Scaly Snakes

Meet either a Jungle Python or a Black-headed Python (depending on their feeding schedules), experience the majesty of these magnificent creatures whilst you are able to gently stroke their smooth scales. $60 up to 2 people

Aussie Legends

Three Australian Animal species - Dependent on availability on the day: Tassie Devil, Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, Brushtail Possum or Snake $150. Experience up close encounters with 3 Australian species. A great way to experience some of Australia's iconic wildlife. 5+ age requirement.

5 encounters in 60 min

Great Value, experience 5 different animal encounters for only $250 - your choice of 2 exotic animal encounters plus 3 Australian animal encounters. Choose your two exotic animal species from Meerkats, Cotton-top Tamarin Monkeys, Marmoset Monkeys and African Serval Cats. Also included in your package is a combination of three Australian Animal Encounters such as: Tasmanian Devils, Snakes, Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo or wombats subject to availability on the day. The encounter package does not include zoo admission. 10+ age requirements for Serval component.

Premium 2.5hr Encounter Package

Premium Encounter Package; 4 Exotics, 3 Australian and behind the scenes LIONS RAW $750. 230-5pm save $230. Minimum age 8 years old. Enjoy your experience at the zoo arriving anytime before 1:30pm as admission is included with this encounter package. Minimum age requirement 10 years old. Your premium experience covers two people so you can share the moments or split the costs.

Lions RAW - Exclusive!

See the Big Cats as you have never seen them before in this hour-long, exclusive behind the scenes experience. Limited to 6 participants, must be over 8yo. Children to be accompanied by paying adult. Maximum 2 children per adult. 10% of your spend directly supports The Zambian Carnivore Program working to secure the future of wild lions. Adult $150pp, Child 8-16 $90 plus zoo admission. Running Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun. The experience runs from 4-5pm. Pre booking online required to secure your spot. If you would like to come only for Lions RAW at 4pm, no general zoo admission fee is required. If you are choosing to also visit the general zoo on the day, standard admission rates also apply.

Keeper for a Day

Zoodoo’s Keeper for a Day is an amazing behind the scenes experience! Meet some of our beautiful animals and experience the real world of zookeeping! The day in the life of a Zookeeper is always changing, making every experience unique! With multiple animal interactions, preparation of animal diets, gathering animal data, creation of enrichment for the animals in Zoodoo’s care, entering animal habitats to help our Zookeepers with their feed-outs, and of course, some of the dirty jobs like cleaning habitats! Jump on our booking platform by clicking the yellow button at the top of this page to view available dates and book your Zookeeper for a day. Ages 9+