There’s so much to see, do, and explore at Zoodoo

Your day at the Zoo

Along with exploring the zoo in its rural setting, we have a variety of activities and experiences occurring throughout the day.


Daily Zookeeper Talks run throughout the day, providing opportunities to learn about and appreciate the animals in Zoodoo's care and chat with a Zookeeper.

Included with your admission we have back to back informative and engaging opportunities to learn about some of the animals at the zoo. 10 am Barnyard Breeds - walk and talk, 1030 am Marsupial Mingle, 11am Living with Lions, 1130 Saving Swift Parrots, 1pm Tassie Devil Tales, 130pm Meerkat and Monkey Meal Time, 2pm Servals - Long Grass Hunters, 230pm Zebra - A Savanna Life.


An ideal place for parents to sit out of the weather with a coffee and catch their breath while the kids burn off any extra energy. This area consists of a large adventure playground, trampoline, toddlers ball pit and soft play area. Accessible all day long access to the play areas are included in admission price.


Immerse yourself in the large walk through bird aviary with a variety of parrots, doves, pigeons & finches flying right past you. Spend some time soaking up the bird sounds and spotting all the species in this habitat. The aviary is located right next to the zoos cafe and provides a peaceful soundscape whilst you enjoy our cafe hot drinks, food and ice cream.


Learn about global conservation issues in our interactive centre.

Hill Top Farm

The Barnyard is now open! Get up close to the ever popular and friendly farm animals and take in the breath-taking views of the Coal River Valley. Animals in our Barnyard precinct include British White Cattle, Ponies, Alpacas, Donkey, Elliotdale Sheep, Chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs. Many of these animals are very friendly and can be hand fed with pelleted food available in the feed dispensers.


Try a day in the life of a Zookeeper!
This amazing full day experience provides behind the scenes access and multiple animal interactions! Prepare and feed-out animal diets, do some of the dirty jobs, and enjoy unique learning opportunities and real hands-on experiences. Options for ages 9+, adults, families, groups, wheelchair accessible experiences, and more!

Bookings are essential!